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An internship is an excellent way to explore the field of MIS in order to help you decide on a career path.
Feel free to stop by and discuss the possibility of an Internship. It is a very rewarding and eye-opening experience. Please realize that securing an internship is not a quick process. Students have spent months discussing the possibility of an internship with companies in which they had an interest.

If you would like to do an MIS internship with Professor Paulson you must observe these guidelines:

  1. Read and comprehend the Business Administration Department requirements for an Internship.    Note:  Make sure that you satisfy the 'Eligibility' requirements.
  2. Make sure that you have completed the prerequisites: COB admission, CS234 or MIS 312, MIS 362, MGMT 325, MGMT 334
  3. Complete the Internship Application, which is a multi-part form. This allows you to register for the Internship as MIS 399, which is a 3 credit hour class. If you want to apply for additional credit hours, you will need to complete another Internship Application as MIS 398.
  4. Print out your current WSU transcript. Available at the WSU web site.
  5. Create a list of Internship objectives
  6. Create a job description. ( instead of asking the supervisor to write one up, it is better to draft one yourself and submit it for their approval)
  7. Print out and complete the Internship Proposal and Contract
  8. Submit your completed application to Professor Paulson before classes start for the semester in which you will do the internship.
    Understand your application consists of items 3,4,5,6 and 7.


In addition to your work duties, you must provide Professor Paulson with the following items during your internship:

  1. You will post a weekly summary of your work activities. A suggested template is provided. You can use class storage to maintain a Word document of all your internship activities and findings.
  2. A final paper, due before the last day of class for the semester(not the last day of finals!). For the typical 3 hour internship you will write a 15 page paper that analyzes your internship experience and relates what you learned in your internship to the business classes that you have taken, especially MIS. The primary focus will be to relate what you learned from your work experience to what you have learned about MIS at WSU. The paper is expected to be professional and grammatically correct.
  3. Between the middle and end of your internship, print out the Employer Evaluation Form. Have your on-site supervisor complete the evaluation and mail it to:
    Business Administration Department
    Professor Paulson, 303 Somsen Hall
    PO Box 5838
    Winona State University
    Winona, MN 55987-5838

Your grade for the internship will be based equally on each of the deliverables. You are responsible for making sure deadlines are met. I am not going to remind you!

Additional items:
Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for year in school and GPA
Internships can be for up to 15 weeks maximum and must coincide with the academic semesters.
Extensions are not permitted.
You can only do one MIS internship.