MGMT353 Final Exam

The final exam is available through D2L at the scheduled date/time. Be careful of your time, you only have two hours to complete the exam.

The exam is open book, open notes-but you are expected to do the final exam on your own.
The exam is accessed by logging into D2L.

The final exam will cover the following topics:
Questions on the books-Value Proposition Design, Thank You for Being Late, plus material discussed in class, especially Summative assignment questions.
There are 13 questions.
Ten of the questions focus on the book topics.
One question involves using the lessons from the book on future versions of this course.
All questions are short answer.
All problems are randomized.
Be aware that the professor will review all answers.  There is a good chance that answers will be marked wrong that may be given partial credit.
Be mindful of spelling, grammar and sentence structure.  Use the provided spell check feature in D2L. Points will be deducted for poorly constructed answers.
Be mindful of your time.  Late submissions will lose points, at the professor's discretion.