Project 2- MIS and Knowledge Exchange


You will work individually on this project.
The purpose of this project is to experience the importance that technical aptitude has for all members of society.
This will be done by having you work with someone to solve a problem that they are having using a particular product such as an iPad, Apple Watch, calculator, smart phone or other device.

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  1. Choose a problem to solve (consider teachers, co workers, friends or parents who may need assistance with technology). If there is enough interest it is possible to invite a group of people to Somsen 301 outside of class time.
    1. Project 2 Idea - complete and submit your problem information
    2. due date is available in D2L, (no points for idea submissions after due date, but you still must complete the project)
  2. Contact the knowledge worker
    1. introduce yourself, make sure they have the correct spelling of your name(s) and contact information- send all of this in a follow up email
    2. optional-provide a bio of yourself-
    3. be professional in dress and demeanor
    4. find out how the technology or software of interest helps them do their job
    5. take notes so that you understand the problem
  3. Develop a solution to the problem
  4. Communicate with and assist the knowledge worker
  5. Complete and submit your report:
    1. Project 2 Report

NOTE: This project may involve working with real world businesses. These businesses are contributing their personnel, business data and business knowledge to this project. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience with how businesses depend on management information systems. If you perform well enough, these businesses may be willing to provide you with a letter of reference, very valuable when looking for employment. You are expected to be professional in all dealings with these businesses and their personnel. In addition, you will be required to turn over a copy of ALL of your work product- database files, spreadsheet files and any documentation to the business by the last Saturday of class. If you do not agree with these terms, please contact the professor as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made.


Submit Project 2 Idea-  see D2L for due date

Submit Project 2 Report- see D2L for due date