MIS 462 Summer2022 Summative Assignment

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600 points

VBA-User Input Problems, Chapters 12 to 15

Do all of these problems in a single Excel Workbook.
Solve each problem on a separate Worksheet.
Your Excel File must be setup like you did in Formative01 with appropriate Worksheet tab names.

(200) When done, upload your file, named Summative09.xlsm, (this is to be a Macro-Enabled workbook) to the D2L Assignment Folder 'Summative09'.

Before beginning this homework, you are strongly advised to first read Chapters 3 to 15.

Chapter 12 Dialog Box Alternatives

Review chapter 12, and other parts of the book, as appropriate.
This chapter discusses dialog boxes which are already available in Excel.
Using them can save the time required to create similar functionality from scratch.

(50) 1. List five pre-built Dialog boxes available in Excel

Chapters 13 and 14 UserForms

Review Chapters 13 and 14, which detail how to create custom dialog boxes.

(50) 2. When creating a UserForm from scratch, what items should you keep in mind?

Create your checklist below.

(50) 3. Review the 'UserForm Events.xlsm' file discussed in Chapter 13.
Describe an alternative method to all those annoying message boxes that pop up.
Your method must display output in one location.

Describe your methodology below.

Chapter 15 Advanced UserForms

Review Chapter 15.

(50) 4. Modify the 'progress indicator1.xlsm' file described on pages 497 to 506 so that it uses a specific color-PURPLE, and not a theme color, for the progress bar.

Describe the steps you took below: