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MIS 482 Management of Information Technology

Project 2 - Awareness and Action Inquiry


You will work individually on this project, but feel free to discuss your experience with others, both inside and outside of this class.
The purpose of this project is to increase your awareness of yourself, your viewpoint, your relations with others, and your relations with society as a whole.
Students will perform exercises designed to expand their awareness and begin to develop their management and leadership skills through action inquiry.
This will be done from the perspective of how important information technology systems are becoming to businesses.

Part 1- A Whole New Mind-Becoming AWARE

Part 2- Action Inquiry- Leading an ACTIVE life


As we go through the exercises from these two books you are to keep a journal that will serve as a final report.

Item Points Due date Notes
Project 2- Awareness Exercises- P2 Report 2 1000 5/28/2011 Use both brain hemispheres
Project 2- Journal-Action Inquiry- P2 Report 1 1000 5/28/2011 Reflections, feelings on your state of awareness, Action Inquiry example

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