Personal Information Management

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Learning Objectives

These exercises provide experience with the Outlook Desktop client application to organize your work, and make more efficient use of your time.

After completing this assignment you will be able to use the Outlook Desktop client to:

Assignment Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the power of personal information management programs. The Microsoft Outlook Desktop client (not Office 365 or the cloud version) will be the application used. Modern businesses depend on email, which Outlook can handle. There are many other features and add-ons that can be combined with Outlook to make the communication process more efficient. Some of these are:

This assignment will cover several basic Outlook features, you are encouraged to explore on your own to find additional features that will make you more productive.

Make sure that Outlook 2016 is properly setup on your computer before proceeding.
If necessary, contact Tech Support in Somsen 207 for assistance.

Exercise 1-Simple Appointment

Review this video on creating an Outlook Appointment "Outlook Appointment"
Play the video on one monitor, have Outlook 2016 open on another monitor.
Hint: if you need help, go to and search for 'Outlook 2016'.
There is a very good 48m video Learn Outlook 2016, and more.

Your task is to create an Outlook appointment for yourself to set aside time to study for this course.

(50) 1. Use the Snipping Tool to make a screen shot of the item you created in the Outlook calendar.
Save the screen shot as "Ex1" in your ' ' folder.
You will be combining screen shots from several exercises at the end of this assignment, just as you did in Formative00, Exercise 8-PDF File Creation.

(50) 1. How can this task be accomplished using the Outlook calendar?

Screen Shot Ex1

Exercise 2-Signature Block

Review this video on creating an Outlook Appointment "Outlook Signature"
Play the video on one monitor, have Outlook 2016 open on another monitor.
Hint: if you need help, go to and search for 'Outlook 2016 basics'. There is a very good 49m video 'Learn Outlook 2016: The Basics', and more.

Your task is to create an Outlook signature block that contains a Business Card for your emails.

Make a screen shot of an email containing a signature block and a Business Card in Outlook.
It will look something like this:
Signature Block with Business Card

Save the screen shot as "Ex2" in your ' ' folder.

(50) 2. What must you create first in Outlook before you can create a Business Card?

Screen Shot Ex2

Exercise 3-Test Email

Send a test email to yourself.

(50) 3. Briefly describe the reason to send a test email to yourself.
Hint: Answer the question 'what does it mean if I do not receive the test email?'

Exercise 4-Spelling & Grammar

Consider the impact on your professional reputation of incorrect spelling and poor grammar.

(50) 4. Briefly explain why it is a good ideas to spell and grammar check all emails before you press Send.

Exercise 5-Recurring Appointment

Use Outlook to create a recurring appointment with the following settings:

Make a screen shot of your recurring appointment settings from the Outlook dialog box.
Save the screen shot as "Ex5" in your ' ' folder.

(50) 5. Briefly describe the value of creating recurring appointments.

Screen Shot Ex5

Exercise 6-Calendar Feeds

In this exercise, please read all of these instructions first.
You are going to create a calendar feed from D2L for this course, and install this feed into Outlook so that you know all the assignment due dates for this course.
Using your browser, please login to D2L and find this course.

  1. Click on Calendar, then Settings, then make sure 'Enable Calendar Feeds' is checked

    enable calendar feeds
  2. On the home page click the inverted triangle to the right of 'Calendar' and select 'Subscribe' D2L subscribe to calendar feed
  3. Select this course from the drop-down list. Follow the instructions to place the URL into Outlook. This means copy the url presented in the dialog box. calendar feed url
  4. Open Outlook,
    click on File,
    then click on the Account Settings button,
    then click Account Settings...,
    Select the 'Internet Calendars' tab
    then click the 'New...' button
    then paste the feed
    paste feed

(100) 6. Calendar Feeds
When these tasks are completed paste your calendar feed url in the text box below.

Exercise 7-PDF File Creation

Use a web browser to verify that you have published your website to
Check that your name, email, course, semester, section and all of your answers are correct and visible.
From the menu choose File>Print... and using "Microsoft Print to PDF" save a copy of this assignment as a .pdf file in your ' ' folder.

(50) 7. Save your file 'WebPage.pdf' to the ' ' folder.


Create one .pdf (portable document format) file from the screen shots that you have taken by following these steps.

  1. Open File Explorer, make sure the screen shot files are properly named(Ex1, Ex2 , Ex3.. )  
  2. Select all of the screen shots to be combined.
  3. Right Click and select 'Print' from the short-cut menu.
  4. In the bottom center of the 'Print Pictures' dialog box uncheck the box "Fit picture to frame"
  5. Click on 'Print' and save the file with the name  "ScreenShots.pdf" in your ' ' folder.

(50) 8. Save your file 'ScreenShots.pdf' to the ' ' folder.



Use PDFill to merge the WebPage.pdf file with the ScreenShots.pdf file, and save it as 'Summative02.pdf' in ' ' folder.

(50) 9. Upload your file 'Summative02.pdf' to the D2L 'Summative02' Assignment folder.


Exercise 8-Assignment Submission

Use a browser to view your completed and published website at:
Note that your screen shots do not have to be completed to perform this step.

(50) 10. Assignment submission
Press the Submit button at the top or bottom of this page.