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MGMT 353
Project 3-Business Innovation Foundations


You will work in the same groups as Project 2 on this project.
The purpose of this project is to experience various techniques to foster innovation.

Background: see Project 2 for more details.

During the semester you are to work with your team or individually to complete the following exercises- most of which are from the LinkedIn Learning Course: Thinking Creatively

The worksheets are available from the 'ReadOnly/Project03' folder on the T: drive;  and OneDrive, in both .docx and .pdf format; and below:



You are to complete the following worksheets as a word document.
Save this document because you will upload worksheets to D2L Assignment Folders during the semester.
You are encouraged to work with your team members as appropriate during the semester.

(50 points each assignment) see D2L for due dates  

Number, 3- Pages in .pdf file LinkedIn Learning  Course Title Notes
1 1 1 Assess your risk-taking style done as individual,
2 2-3 2 Subtraction technique done as group
3 4-5 2 Division technique done as group
4 6-8 2 Multiplication technique done as group
5 9-11 2 Task-unification technique done as group
6 12-14 2 Attribute-dependency technique done as group
7 15-16 2 Innovation pilot program done as group, use class members to be part of your team
8 17-19 3 Creative organizations done as group, complete p18 company worksheet
9 20 4 Team creativity done as group, review techniques listed in course, complete worksheet after done. from video 'Evaluate ideas systematically'
10 21-22 6 Rut buster done as individual, review techiniques, choose one short-term, mid-term and long-term rut and what you will do about it.
11 23 7 Decision-making strategies done as individual, review -part 5, 'Critical questions to ask yourself before taking action', answer the questions related to an aspect of this project.


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