Project 2- Access, MySQL5 and SQL Server


You can work together and help each other on this project, but each student must hand in their own work. 

This project expands your database skills by taking what you have learned about Access and database frontends-queries, forms and reports, and making use of other more robust database engines for the backend.

These concepts allow organizations to use Access as a rapid user interface development tool, while enjoying more robust and reliable features of relational database management systems.

You are encouraged to watch the Chapter 1 video, "Getting Started" of the Linked in Learning course "Migrating Access Databases to SQL Server"

Preparation and Background- Must Complete Before Beginning Project 2!

You will use Microsoft's Hyper-V in this project.
Enable Hyper-V by clicking Start, type in 'turn windows features on or off', and click the app to open it up.
Check 'Hyper-V' then click OK. You may need to reboot your laptop.
To learn more about Hyper-V you must review the following materials:
Other courses are also available.

  1. Configure Hyper-V-LinkedIn Learning.com video (5 minutes)
  2. Virtualization Overview- LinkedIn Learning video (9 minutes)

The three Hyper-V vhd files are contained in the MIS342<CurrentSemester>.zip file in the folder "MIS342<CurrentSemester>"
This zip file can be downloaded from the WSU network at:
file location

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE FILES TO YOUR LOCAL WEBSITE FOLDER, OR TO ONEDRIVE!  One is almost 9GB and will cause problems if you try to upload it to your website or ONEDRIVE!!!!!! 
Put these files in a folder on your C: drive, like C:/MIS342Project2/.

Open Hyper-V and create a new virtual machine called MIS342<CurrentSemester>, using the following settings:

Generation 1

1024 MB of Dynamic Memory

Do not connect to a network

Use the existing virtual hard disk "Disk1.vhd"    Do not create a virtual hard disk.

Once the wizard is done, make the following changes in 'Settings' to install the Page(E:) drive and the Data(F:) drive.

Make sure IDE Controller 0, Location 0 is Disk1.vhd

Hardware Settings for IDE Controller 0,  add a Hard Drive in Location 1, that uses "...Disk3.vhd"

Hardware Settings for IDE Controller 1, add a Hard Drive in Location 1, that uses "...Disk2.vhd"

When done, your Hardware settings will look like this:

Hard Drive settings
Note: your file path will be different

Note: do not forget the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow to release control of the mouse from the guest virtual machine.

This is the Windows XP virtual machine that you have created: running virtual machine

The aim of this Project is to create connections between databases in Access 2007, SQL Server 2005 and MySQL5.1 using ODBC.
This project illustrates the use of Microsoft Access as a front end for MySQL or other databases, such as Oracle, IBM...

You will use a virtual machine to accomplish this task.

This Project is in 2 parts, you must download each from the GitHub repository, then publish and submit them, just like Assignments:

Project 2-Part 1- Access and MySQL

Project 2 Part 2- Access and SQL Server