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Week Date Work Recordings
1.1 Tue, 8/23/22 Attendance
Class Introduction
Book and MindTap
Project02-Database Connections
Project03-Business Database
Project04-IoT Databases

Core Website Files
Formative00_Part1-course tech
* Course Introduction

* Core Website Files

* Formative00-Part1

1.2 Th, 8/25/22 Attendance
Formative00_Part2-course tech
Formative00_Part3-course tech
Website URL Submission

URL Check- Review URL submission(s)
* Formative00-Part2

* Formative00-Part3

* Website URL Submission

2.1 Tue, 8/30/22 Attendance
Start Project01 Part 1-website
* Project01-website
2.2 Th, 9/1/22 Finish Project01 Part 1-website
Formative01-Flat File problems
class04 -
3.1 Tue, 9/6/22 Project 1 Part 2-Retrieving Assignments
A&P-suggested-LinkedIn Learning-Access 2019 Essential Training
Presentation01-Access Database Introduction
Summative01-Database Objects-pull from GitHub repo
* Project01-Part 2

class05- no recording
3.2 Th, 9/8/22 finish Summative01, start Summative02
Project04-u01-Arduino setup
LinkedIn Learning01-Access Essential Training
class06- website problems
4.1 Tue, 9/13/22 Presentation02-Building a Database
Summative02-Creating Tables and Relationships
Project04-IOT01-Raspberry Pi setup
4.2 Th, 9/15/22 Presentation03-Query Basics
Query Tips
Query Exercises
5.1 Tue, 9/20/22 Formative03-Query Basics
5.2 Th, 9/22/22 Project04-IOT02-VNC
LinkedIn Learning02-Queries
Raspberry Pi and WiFi
IoT WiFi
class10- No recording 9/22
6.1 Tue, 9/27/22 Presentation04-Form and Report Basics
Form and report tips
Formative04-form and reports
Summative04-Forms and Reports
class11 -u01, IoT01,02
6.2 Th, 9/29/22 Review for Midterm
Midterm01 available in D2L
Project04-IOT03-ssh remote connections
class12- Sum04,Form03

Summative04-Exercises 5,6
7.1 Tue, 10/4/22 University Improvement Day-No Class 
No Recording
7.2 Th, 10/6/22 Presentation05-Advanced Queries and Tables
Formative05-Advanced Queries
Summative05-Queries, Enhanced Tables
Queries and tables
Lookup Exercise
Project02-preparation-Install Hyper-V  Review LinkedIn Learning videos
class13 - Sum04
Week Date Work Recordings
8.1 Tue, 10/11/22 Project02-Database Connections
Project02-Part 1-Access and MySQL
class14 - Project02 Part 1
8.2 Th, 10/13/22 Project02-Part 2-Access and SQL Server
Project04-IOT10-MySQL on RPi
class15- Proj 2 P2
9.1 Tue, 10/18/22 Presentation06-Advanced Forms
Formative06-Advanced Forms
For fun, try to solve Formative06 using Excel Pivot Table
9.2 Th, 10/20/22 COB Alumni Visit
Summative06-Custom Forms
Form tips
class17-fall 21-Summative06
10.1 Tue, 10/25/22 Presentation07-Advanced Reports
Advanced Report Tips
Formative07-Advanced Reports
class18 - Form07
10.2 Th, 10/27/22 Summative07-Custom Reports
LinkedIn Learning03-Forms and Reports
class19-fall 21-sum07
class19-fall22-Sum07, AdvReports
11.1 Tue, 11/1/22 Presentation08-Sharing Data
Data Integration Tips
Formative08-Linked Tables
Linked Table Madness!
class20- Form08, Sum08
11.2 Th, 11/3/22 Summative08-Sharing Data
Pivot Table Example
Midterm02 available in D2L
class21-  Sum08
12.1 Tue, 11/8/22 discuss and work on Project 2
Presentation09-Action Queries
Action Query Tips
Formative09-Specialty Queries
class22 -Form9, Sum9

classxx -Sum09q3+
12.2 Th, 11/10/22 Summative09-Action Queries and Advanced Table Relationships
Project04-IOT19 -sensor data to cloud
13.1 Tue, 11/15/22 Presentation10-Macros
Presentation11-Visual Basic for Applications-coding
Presentation12-Database Management
class24  P4-IOT19, Sum10
Summative10-VBA, forms
13.2 Th, 11/17/22 Summative10-Managing Databases
Project04-IOT20- MySQL and ODBC
class25 - IOT20, Formative10
14.1 Tue, 11/22/22 Access Macros and VBA for Project03
Project04-IOT21-sensor data to MySQL
LinkedIn Learning04-Database Foundations
class26- IOT21, Sum10 Part 1
14.2 Th, 11/24/22 Thanksgiving No Class
15.1 Tue, 11/29/22 work on Project03
Grading Issues
LinkedIn Learning05-IoT Fundamentals
class27-fall 21-Project3
class27-fall 22-S10, start Project3
15.2 Th, 12/1/22 finish Project03
Course Review and Feedback
Grading Issues Addressed in class
class28 -Project03
    Final Exam  
Week Date Work Recordings