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Project 3- Modifying and Developing Business Software

1000 points


Each student will hand in all the files required for this project to the D2L Assignment Folder "Project 3 Files".
You can work together on this project.
You are strongly encouraged to work on this Project as the semester progresses, do not wait until the last minute.
All Project 3 files, work, evaluations.(see deliverables)... must be uploaded to the D2L Assignment Folder and handed in by the date and time specified in D2L.

Project 3 is a project that combines your knowledge of Access and business operations.
You will modify an existing business database application.
This project illustrates how a typical business can use databases in the operation of a business.
It will also demonstrate just how involved and complicated database applications can become.


1. Decide on a business. You will create a computerized accounting system using Microsoft Access.
2. Use the Microsoft Access files yestesta.accdb as a starting point. This file contains the main tables and relationships used in the Business! demo software application.
3. Decide which tables to use from the file. You can add and delete tables and relationships as appropriate for your business.
4. Create queries, forms, reports, macros and modules as listed below for your application.
5. Refer to this page for information on database design. Please note there are numerous books and materials available on this subject. Feel free to use any reference material of your choosing.


1. (50) The application must display a menu upon startup. The menu must lead the user through the available database objects (tables, queries, forms, reports...) that are required to run the application. The menu format is up to your group.

2. Database object specifications

Points Item Quantity Comments
(100) Minimum number of tables
Must create relationships, and decide on referential integrity settings
Note: for queries, forms, report include type in object name. Example- qryCrosstab....; frmWithGraph...; rptWithSQLSource...
(100) Minimum number of queries
Must include:
one select
one crosstab
one Find Duplicates
one Find UnMatched
one update
one make table
one delete
one append
(100) Minimum number of forms
One form must include a graph
One form/subform
One split form
One multiple items form
One columnar form
(100) Minimum number of reports
One must use a SQL statement for the Record Source
One must be a set of mailing labels
One must contain a graph
One must contain a picture or graphics in the page header
One must contain groupings, with running and total sums
(50) Minimum number of macros
Use it to display 3 reports in Print Preview mode
(50) Minimum number of modules
Create at least one built in function that is used in a report
(100) Database structure   must have front end/back end files-use the Database Splitter
(50) Database Documenter use the database documenter
(50) Company title   must appear in application title bar
(50) Company icon   must appear in the Taskbar
(100) Startup Menu/Splash Screen   Display an appropriate form on startup

Startup Options

Grading & Deliverables

Front end Databse File containing above specified tables linked to BE database, queries, forms reports

Back end database file containing tables

(75) Database Documenter report (save as .pdf)

(25) Copy of the icon file you used.

Each individual student must place a copy of these files in the D2L Assignment Folder"Project 3 Files"

The grade for this project will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Completeness of the business application. This includes tables, relationships, queries, filters, SQL statements, forms, reports, macros and modules.
  2. Demonstration of appropriate tables and the necessary relationships to make the application work.
  3. Professional appearance of printed documents and on-screen forms.
  4. Demonstration of data entry, data modification and reporting capabilities of the application.
  5. Evidence of the amount of thought that went into the design and execution of this project.
  6. Adherence to naming conventions, data type usage, code comments, field descriptions, captions

Technical Notes-Demo

This project is based on using the Business! demo software.
The Database Creations website may contain more information.
You may also want to review the demoguide.pdf file, an older version is in the Project 3 folder.

Reviewing this guide will give you an idea of how much work is involved in creating a fully functional financial database application.

Reminder: remember to hold down the Shift key when opening an application.

The information in this file may be helpful and add some perspective in developing a business plan.

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