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Welcome to MIS362!

To get the most from this course please read the following information.

External Monitors

Somsen 301 is equipped with two external LCD monitors for each student. If you are online or viewing the class recordings later, you are strongly encouraged to use an external monitor.
You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the use of external monitors.
The external monitors in Somsen 301 are provided to enhance your productivity during class. You will find it much easier to keep up with the material and complete your assignments when you learn to use an external monitor. If you have an extra LCD or CRT at home you can now put it to good use. Many businesses are providing external monitors for their employees.

Note that during class I will broadcast the image displayed by the classroom LCD projector using Zoom. You must view this image on your external LCD monitor. This will make it easier to follow along and participate during class.

Laptop/Computer Usage

You are encouraged and expected to use your laptop, power supply and network cable during class. This class is designed to be challenging. It will tax your patience and the capabilities of your computer, but make you much more computer savvy, and employable. To make things go smoother please follow these recommendations:

When you come to class, make sure:

Note: You are expected to use your computer during class for school work. If you choose to browse the web, use Face Book or IM your friends that is your business, and is allowed as long as you do not disturb other members of the class. If someone is creating a distraction during class please let me know and I will address the situation. You are an adult, and all students are paying a lot of money to be in this class and at this school. Please respect your colleagues.

Classroom Recording and Remote Participation

To assist with the learning process class will both be broadcast and recorded.
Zoom recordings of each class can be used by students for study purposes.
By attending class you are giving permission to record, using audio and / or video, your voice and /or image, which can be viewed by myself and members of this class.
If you have any concerns please contact me.

You will find a link to the class recordings in the right column of the syllabus.

Web Conference
All students are encouraged to use Zoom. The url to attend the virtual classroom (actually a web conference) for this course is:


Students must login using their StarID. 
Note that during class students may be called upon to share their laptop screen with the class using Zoom. This allows you to work out a problem or illustrate a concept. This can be done even if you are not physically in the classroom. Note that you will be required to download an add-in the first time you are logged in as a presenter. This is a part of Assignment Formative00.

Class Software

During this course the following software and web based applications will be installed on your computer in order to complete the assignments.
There is no charge for installing any of this software.
The software listed below is required, unless marked as "optional"

  1. Operating System-Microsoft Windows 10
  2. Microsoft Office 365
  3. Other software will be installed in Assignment Formative00 during the first week of class.

Assignment website - (aka Project01)

In order to submit your assignments in this class you are required to use a website.

Your assignment website is created by Professor Paulson.

You must complete all the Assignment website requirements, including submitting your url and sending me a specific email as outlined in the instructions when you have completed and checked the website.

Network Storage-

Network storage space (also known as 'class storage') has been made available for this class at:
PC- \\store\classes\20215000038

You can get to this location by selecting Start>Run and typing in the path above.
If you have started or rebooted your computer on campus, the path \\store\classes will map to the T: drive

Mac- smb://files.winona.edu/classes/20215000038
Use Finder, Go>Connect to Server...

In class storage you will see a folder for every class in which you are enrolled in which the instructor has requested network storage space.
At the UNC for this course you will see several folders, one of which contains your username. This folder is your website for your homework.
There is a 1GB limit for the entire class, so be careful to only use this site for class purposes, and do not upload excessively large files. If you upload an excessively large file or files I reserve the right to delete them. This is because exceeding the class storage quota will prevent other class members and me from uploading any other files-such as homework assignments- to this location.
The ReadOnly folder will contain class PowerPoints, student data files for class exercises, and exam files.
The Shared folder is for your use, to enable students to share files. Be careful, everyone in class and I have access to this folder, files in the folder can easily be deleted or modified.

For more details regarding the use of network storage space please refer to: https://classes.winona.edu/

Contacting the Instructor

There are several ways to contact me. I ask that you do so mindful of my time and that of others. With that in mind please keep consider the following:

There Will Be Problems

This class is very technology dependent. You are expected to learn how to use your computer, how to install and configure software applications, how to connect to network storage, how to use VPN, how to create a folder structure and much more. Do not expect things to go smoothly. You are expected to learn to deal with problems, to find work arounds, to figure out how to get things done in the face of adversity. These are valuable learning experiences to help you prepare for your career.
When you run into a problem an unexpected opportunity try to resolve it yourself first.
This is a big part of the learning process. Learn to use Google to track down error messages. Investigate new terms in Wikipedia. Get creative! Make use of the D2L Discussion Forums!

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