Project 2- Computers and Networks


The purpose of this project is to become familiar with the technology underlying modern computers, computer operating systems, networks and network operating systems.
In order to accomplish this task we will make use of virtualization technology-specifically Windows Hyper-V software.

You can collaborate with other class members, but each student is responsible for turning in their own project work.

You will complete the Project 2 Report, available from the same MIS452 eprofessor Github repository that contains all assignments for this course.

Preparation and Background- Must Complete Before Beginning Project 2!

You will use Microsoft's Hyper-V in this project.
Enable Hyper-V by clicking Start, type in 'turn windows features on or off', and click the app to open it up.
Check 'Hyper-V' then click OK. You may need to reboot your laptop.


To learn more about Hyper-V you must review the following materials:
Other courses are also available.

  1. Configure Hyper-V-LinkedIn Learning video (5 minutes)
  2. Virtualization Overview- LinkedIn Learning video (9 minutes)
  3. Virtual Machines - Wikipedia

Hyper-V, VMware and .iso files

The files needed for this are located on WSU server 'mispgp' in the following location: files
The path is: \\mispgp2.winona.edu\MIS452
Do not copy the 'IndividualFiles' folder-it contains the same materials, but is not compressed.

To prevent confusion when doing this project, please understand the following:

  1. .vmdx files are VMware virtual hard drive files, and will only run on VMware
  2. .vhd and .vhdx files are Microsoft virtual hard drive files, and will run on Hyper-V
  3. .vmdx files will not run on Hyper-V, if you encounter instructions to do that, take a screen shot of the VMware website
  4. .iso are image files that are used to install an operating system on any virtualization software, such as Hyper-V, Virtual Box and VMware

Project Steps are in the assignment.


This is what Project 2 Part 2 looks like when you have IIS running on Windows Server 2012 viewing the website using Internet Explorer on Windows XP
web server



Complete and submit Project2-1 and Project2-2 assignments by the date listed in D2L.  These are obtained from GitHub just like assignments.

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