Week Date Work Recordings
1.1 Tue, 8/27/24 Attendance
Class Introduction
eBooks and chatbot
Project02-Computers and Networking
Project03-Network Design
Project04-IoT Devices

Core Website Files
Formative00- Part1
* Course Introduction

Core Website Files

* Formative00-Part1

1.2 Th, 8/29/24 Attendance
Formative00- Part2
Formative00- Part3
Website URL Submission

URL Check- Review URL submission(s)
* Formative00-Part2

* Formative00-Part3

* Website URL Submission

class02 -F00Pt 1,2
2.1 Tue, 9/3/24 Attendance
Summative01-Introduction to Computer Networks
* Project01-website
2.2 Th, 9/5/24 Attendance
Install Packet Tracer
Install Visio
3.1 Tue, 9/10/24 Project01 Part 2-Retrieving Assignments
Summative02-Data, Signals and Hardware

Install WireShark
A&P-suggested-LinkedIn Learning-Networking-
Windows Network Administrator
Azure Administrator
IT Support Technician
* Project01-Part 2

class05 -website problems

3.2 Th, 9/12/24 Project04- IOT00-R Pi setup
Raspberry Pi and WiFi
Packet Tracer Labs
Project04-IOT01-Rasperry Pi setup
class06- Summative01, PT1-2, IOT00
4.1 Tue, 9/17/24 Summative03- Media and Topologies class07
4.2 Th, 9/19/24 Digital Basics
Packet Tracer Labs
Midterm 1 (1 to 3) available
5.1 Tue, 9/24/24 Summative04-Connections, Multiplexing, Compression
5.2 Th, 9/26/24 Packet Tracer Labs
class10- IoT02,03
6.1 Tue, 10/1/24 Summative05-Network Protocols and Internet
Interop - network interoperability and openness
6.2 Th, 10/3/24 Packet Tracer Labs
class12- Summative05
7.1 Tue, 10/824 University Improvement Day-No Class No Recording
7.2 Th, 10/10/24 Summative06-Errors and IP Addressing
Parity, CRC and Hamming Code-Excel Answers
Packet Tracer Labs
class13- Summative06 IP addressing
Week Date Work Recordings
8.1 Tue, 10/15/24 Project04-IOT05-Apache webserver
Summative07-LAN, Reference Models, Standards
class14- Sum007, IOT05
8.2 Th, 10/17/24 Packet Tracer Labs
Do WireShark on Raspberry Pi, not Hyper-V   RELOCATE
Midterm 2 (4 to 7) available
9.1 Tue, 10/22/24 Summative08-Internetworking, Hardware 2
Packet Tracer Labs
class16- Summative08
9.2 Th, 10/24/24 Project04-IOT06 Webserver
class17- u01, u02, IOT06
10.1 Tue, 10/29/24 Summative09-Network Software
class18- Sum09
10.2 Th, 10/31/24 Packet Tracer Labs
Project04-IOT07 -Zenmap
class19- Sum09, IOT07
11.1 Tue, 11/5/24 Summative10-MAN, WAN, Cloud class20-Sum10-cloud
11.2 Th, 11/7/24 Project02
Packet Tracer Labs
Project04-IOT08- Nagios
12.1 Tue, 11/12/24 Summative 11-Voice, Data, Troubleshoot
class22 -Sum11
12.2 Th, 11/14/24 Project04-IOT09- Rpi Monitor
Packet Tracer Labs
Discuss Projects 2,3 and 4
class23- IoT9, Project2
13.1 Tue, 11/19/24 Summative 12-Security
Projet04-IOT22-Python Networking
Work on Project02-Computers and Networking
no Packet Tracer Labs
class24- Sum12
13.2 Th, 11/21/24 Midterm 3 (8 to 12)  available
class25 -  Summative12, IOT22
Build Your Own Scrum
14.1 Tue, 11/26/24 Summative 13-Internet of Things
Work on Project02-Computers and Networking
class26-Sum13, P2 Part 1
14.2 Th, 11/28/24 Thanksgiving-No Class  No Recording
15.1 Tue, 12/3/24 Summative 14-Network Design, Management, Admin
Work on Project03-Network Design
class27-fall 23-Project3, P2-2, S14
class27-fall22-S14, P3 start
15.2 Th, 12/5/24 Work on Project03-Network Design
No Packet Tracer Labs
class28- Project3
Week Date Work Recordings