Project 4-IoT-Internet of Things



Organizations need to be able to incorporate and deal with the Internet of Things (IoT) as this technolgy becomes pervasive.
This project will introduce Single Board Computers (SBC) in the form of a Raspberry Pi, and sensors and actuators.
A number of exercises will be done to familiarize you with each device.
Then you will experiment with systems made from these components which perform differing functions.
You can work together and help each other on this project, but each student must hand in their own work.

Begin this by completing these exercises to learn to:

More Internet of Things

Items below are examples of more involved uses of the Raspberry Pi single board computer.

IOT02-Apache2 Webserver on Raspberry Pi

You will install and run Apache2, a webserver.
reference: https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-apache/

Wave MonApache2

IOT03. Attach to Partner's Apache2 Webserver

You will work with a partner and use VNC to attach to their webserver on their Raspberry Pi.

Partner Apache2Partner's Apache2 Webserver

IOT08. Create and Configure MagicMirror

You will configure a MagicMirror on a Raspberry Pi.

Magic MirrorMagic Mirror

IOT10. Create IoT Sensor/Actuator System Test

Begin with the Python procedural program xSystemTest.py
Create a more professinal application-using methods, classes, functions and a visual interface using BreezyPython or PySimpleGUI.
Add your own spin.
Work in groups or individually, but each student must hand in the assignment.
Also refer to Project02.

IoT SensorsIoT-Sensors and Actuators

NR01. Create Node-RED Flow

Using Node-RED and investigate creating a Flow that controls sensors and actuators in the Somsen 301 IoT workstations.
Decide which ones to work with, but your final flow must incorporate at least 2 sensors and 2 actuators.
Node REDNode-RED