Week Date Work Recordings
1.1 Tue, 1/10/23 Attendance
Class Introduction
Project01-check website
Project02-Python and IoT

Start Formative00-course tech
see: https://classes.winona.edu/<YourNetworkUsername>/default.html
class01- intro, F00 Pt1
* Class introduction
1.2 Th, 1/12/23 Attendance
Website URL Submission
Finish Formative00-course tech
Chapter01- Introduction

Assignment List

class02- Formative00 Part 2,3

Website URL Submission -
2.1 Tue, 1/17/23 Attendance
Install Thonny on laptop
Install Python on laptop  Python 3.11 Tutorial
Begin Project01-website
class03 - P1 website
2.2 Th, 1/19/23 Attendance
Summative01-CS Principles: Programming
Finish Project01-website
class04- P1 website, Unit 1 code
3.1 Tue, 1/24/23 Chapter01- Introduction
WSU Guest WiFi and Raspberry Pi
class05- P1 Part2, IOT00
3.2 Th, 1/26/23 Project04-IOT00-Operating RPi
class06- Unit 2, MindTap Python sandbox
4.1 Tue, 1/31/23 Chapter02- Datatypes and Expressions class07-troubleshooting
4.2 Th, 2/2/23 Summative02-Learning Python
Project04-IOT01-RPi intro
class08- Project02, IOT01
5.1 Tue, 2/7/23 Chapter03-Loops and Selection
class09- Unit 3-Loops and Selection
5.2 Th, 2/9/23 Project04-IOT02-VNC
class10- Project02-IoT, Unit 3
6.1 Tue, 2/14/23 ASSESSMENT       DAY        
6.2 Th, 2/16/23 Summative03-Python Essential Training 
class11- Fastenal-IT updates
7.1 Tue, 2/21/23 Chapter04-Strings and Text
class12- Unit-strings
7.2 Th, 2/23/23 Project04-IOT03-SSH
class13- Unit 4 strings
Week Date Work Recordings
8.1 Tue, 2/28/23 Chapter05-Lists and Dictionaries class14- IOT03, IOT05
8.2 Th, 3/2/23 Project04-IOT05-Apache web server class15- Unit 5- Lists, Dictionaries
9.1 Tue, 3/7/23 SPRING       BREAK        
9.2 Th, 3/9/23 SPRING       BREAK        
10.1 Tue, 3/14/23 Chapter06-Design with Functions
class16- Unit6 - Functions
10.2 Th, 3/16/23 Summative04-Python Object-Oriented Programming
Project04-IOT06-Apache website
class17 -Recursion
11.1 Tue, 3/21/23 Chapter07-Simple Graphics, Image Processing class18- Unit 7-graphics intro
11.2 Th, 3/23/23 Project04-IOT12-Node-RED class19- Unit 7, IOT12-Node-RED
12.1 Tue, 3/28/23 Chapter08-Graphical User Interfaces
Running Threaded Programs!
be aware section 10.2 Threads-book code does not work 12/31/2021
class20-  Unit 8 -GUI
12.2 Th, 3/30/23 Summative05-Python-Real-World Examples  
Project04-IOT13-GrovePi+ Sensors
class21- IOT13-GrovePi, Project02
13.1 Tue, 4/4/23 Chapter09-Design With Classes
Project02- create project pseudo-code, discuss approaches
class22- Unit-9 classes
13.2 Th, 4/6/23 Project04-IOT16-Node-RED relay class23- IOT16, Formative04
14.1 Tue, 4/11/23 Chapter10-Multithreading, Networks and Client/Server
Summative06-CS Principles: The Internet
class24- Unit10, Threads, P2
14.2 Th, 4/13/23 Discuss final report for Project 2
Project04-IOT22-Network Scanning
class25- Project02 troubleshoot, IOT22-scan
15.1 Tue, 4/18/23 Chapter 11-Searching, Sorting, Complexity Analysis
Summative07-CS Principles:JavaScript
class26- Unit11 complexity, IOT11 MM
15.2 Th, 4/20/23 Finish up LinkedIn Learning
class27- Project02
16.1 Tue, 4/25/23 Summative08-Python vs. JavaScript
Project02- students demonstrate IoT App (beyond P4-IOT13)
16.2 Th, 4/27/23 Project02- students demonstrate IoT App
Discuss Final Exam
Course Feedback
Grading Issues
class29- Project2
    Final Exam  
Week Date Work Recordings