Project 3-Network Design


The purpose of this project is to design a network to be used to teach this class-MIS452.
You will investigate the latest trends in network design and technology.

You will collaborate with class members, current practioners and the WSU ITS network section.
Each student is responsible for turning in their own project work.



Wikipedia- Network Planning and Design

LinkedIn Learning:  Building a Real World Network (1 hour)

Build a Linux VLAN



Propose a learning environment for future MIS students, with input from practioners and by doing research >
Below are suggestions, feel free to add or delete based on your findings



  1. Gather and review requirements
  2. Develop network schematics
    1. Logical
    2. Physical
  3. Decide on software required to meet requirements
  4. Decide on hardware required to host software
  5. Consider if project should be done in phases

All work on this project must be finished and uploaded to your website and D2L by the date/time specified in the course calendar.


Complete and submit your Project 3 assignment and files by the date specified in D2L.

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