Grok MIS in Somsen 301 

Tioga Lake
Somsen 301 First Day of Class fall 2017


computer monitor

Multiple Monitors

Twin 24", 1920 x 1080 monitors provide you with ample electronic workspace.

computer monitor

Web Technology

Hit the ground running upon graduation. Create and maintain a website. Develop an electronic portfolio. Learn coding basics.

computer monitor


Use the tools that facilitate version control and collaboration in industry. Do you get Git? You will.

computer monitor

Supplemental Learning Sessions

Does this all seem a bit overwhelming? Don't worry. We have Friday get togethers, complete with teaching assistants and food. Join us and master the skills that are in demand today and tomorrow.

computer monitor


If this sounds intriguing feel free to join us. Join the MISA club. Work with Drones. Brush up on Linux coding with a Raspberry Pi. Enter a competition and show off your stuff.

Awesome Electronic Desktop

Multiple monitors 

As a WSU Warrior, learn how to make use of your laptop, the WSU network and the power of the Internet to shape your career and the world.


Incorporate multiple displays, web video-conferencing skills, git versioning and collaboration into your toolkit- there will be no stopping you.


Macs Do Dual Monitors

Mac with monitors

With the correct equipment a MacBook can benefit from the use of dual external monitors.

This does come at a significant cost.
At this time MacBooks are not allowed in class.

If you are interested in experimenting, please contact Professor Paulson.

Helpful TAs

Helpful Teaching Assistants

Does all this technology scare you? Don't worry, our friendly and knowledgeable Teaching Assistants are here to help.

They are glad to assist you on your journey to Grok all of this technology.



Do you want to know how high performing organizations like Netflix, Google, Twitter and Amazon are pushing the envelope? Then you need to understand what is happening with Agile/DevOps.

Read The Phoenix Project and see how organizations can learn and leverage the latest technologies and thinking to transform their business.

Join us to learn these skills.

Low cost IoT fun with Pico!
Pico H and sensors

Create the Future

Internet of Things 

Harness the power of the Internet of Things to improve our world.

Write code to control single board computers, microcontrollers, sensors and actuators to help others lead more fulfilling lives, and businesses to develop new products.